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How to redirect the conversation (bridging)

How to redirect the conversation (bridging)

Bridging is a technique used to nudge a conversation away from a negative or unanswerable question to a more positively framed answer or message.

Note: This is not used to avoid answering questions that should be answered. Bridging should be used to help ‘cool down’ a tense conversation.

Bridging Templates

  1. “And what’s most important to know is…”
  2. “However, what is more important to look at is…”
  3. “However, the real issue here is…”
  4. “And what this all means is…”
  5. “And what’s most important to remember is …”
  6. “With this in mind, if we look at the bigger picture…”
  7. “With this in mind, if we take a look back…”
  8. “If we take a broader perspective, …”
  9. “If we look at the big picture…”
  10. “Let me put all this in perspective by saying…”
  11. “What all this information tells me is…”
  12. “Before we continue, let me take a step back and repeat that…”
  13. “Before we continue, let me emphasize that…”
  14. “This is an important point because…”
  15. “What this all boils down to is…”
  16. “The heart of the matter is…”
  17. “What matters most in this situation is…”
  18. “And as I said before, …”
  19. “And if we take a closer look, we would see…
  20. “Let me just add to this that…”
  21. “I think it would be more correct to say…”
  22. “Let me point out again that…”
  23. “Let me emphasize again…”
  24. “In this context, it is essential that I note…”
  25. “Another thing to remember is…”
  26. “Before we leave the subject, let me add that…”
  27. “And that reminds me…”
  28. “And the one thing that is important to remember is…”
  29. “What I’ve said comes down to this…”
  30. “Here’s the real issue…”
  31. “While…is important, it is also important to remember…”
  32. “It’s true that…but it is also…”


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