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How to follow up with a customer who gave you a low survey score or bad review

How to follow up with a customer who gave you a low survey score or bad review
Listen to understand first
– Prepare for the call
– Have a plan to make it right with the customer (see below for options)
Apologize if deserved
Explain why you’re following up with them
Set expectations (what will they get from the call)
Use their time wisely
Show appreciation
Remember you’re human too (take a few calming breaths before and after the call)!
Follow-up with the customer
Track your success
– Argue
– Go in blind
– Assume you understand everything before confirming with the customer
– Over-commiserate with the customer (e.g., “Yea, that product is terrible…”
– Speculate

Key Messages

  • We value every survey response because we are committed to improving your customer experience with <organization>. When we receive feedback that could help us identify ways to better serve our customers, we reach out to learn more. And that’s why I’m reaching out to you now.
  • Would you be willing to share more details about your recent experience with {product, person, etc.}?
  • Feedback is the best gift we can receive from our customers. Even if we learn that we didn’t meet our customers’ expectations, we’re glad to know about it so we can make it right.
  • Customer feedback is a key component of how we design and create products and services that offer the best experience possible.

Tips on Making it Right

Know all your options to address the customer’s concern before making the call, for example:

  • If the customer complained about a product feature, check with the product team to see if they have a fix in the upcoming roadmap
  • If they are confused about something, have helpful resources ready, user guides, support content, or offer the customer a demo
  • Offer an apology when we make a mistake. See below for effective apologies.
  • Do you need to refund a customer? Get it in motion, or have a refund ready when you talk to the customer

Email follow-up to the customer regarding low survey score

👉 Dear <Name>,

I hope all is well and you are enjoying your new role at the <Company>.  As discussed, I recently applied for the <title> at <company> (insert job link). The <role> closely matches my knowledge, skills, and experience.

Attached, please find my resume demonstrating my skills and background in <list three areas of expertise>. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you or the hiring manager to gain a better understanding of <company>’s needs and how I can contribute to its continued success. Thank you in advance for sharing with <name> and <name>.  I greatly appreciate your support.




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