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Things you need to stop apologizing for

Things you need to stop apologizing for

“I’m sorry for breathing.”
“I’m sorry for eating yogurt during this meeting.”
“I’m sorry that I thought it was okay to express my opinion.”

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    Start Here

    • Give yourself permission to stop apologizing for things not worthy of your apology. What are those things? See below.

    Things You Need to Stop Apologizing For

    Standing up for yourself.
    Having feelings.
    Taking up space.
    Having an opinion.
    Having strong opinions.
    Disagreeing with someone.
    Doing what’s best for you.
    Saying no.
    Drawing boundaries.
    Choosing a different path than what others expected of you.
    Not explaining yourself or your decisions.
    Changing your mind.(unless you’re breaking a commitment)
    Taking care of yourself.
    Taking care of your loved ones.
    Being sick or feeling unwell.
    Being unable to do something.
    Not being accessible to everyone all the time:“Everyone doesn’t need access to you. Some people are draining and they don’t even know it. You’re allowed to say no, you’re allowed to not answer calls, you’re allowed to break plans, and if you need to save yourself, do it.”— Sylvester McNutt III, Lust for Life
    Having needs: “You think you’re being a low-maintenance partner but you’re actually just afraid your partners won’t show up to your needs, so you pretend to not have any. You should impact a space you’re in. It’s okay to require things from the people in your life. You’re not ‘too much.’” – Coach Carla,@mooretalkjaon Twitter
    Being yourself.
    Being single.


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