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How to call someone out respectfully

How to call someone out respectfully

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  • Ask yourself – do you really need to teach this person? Why is that your job?
  • That said, there are plenty of occasions when a correction is called for:
    • Scenario 1: Someone you care about is making a fool of herself.
    • Scenario 2: Your boundary has been crossed.
    • Scenario 3: Someone keeps doing something dumb that’s now impacting you.
    • Scenario 4: Someone is being hurt or will be hurt.

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Talking Points

I wanted to take the time to reply to your email thoughtfully and with care as I know your heart and intentions are good.
Many wonderful friends have loved me enough to coach me on tricky topics (like <topic>) so that I can see new perspectives and represent myself as I intend. I hope I can do the same for you, so please take my words in the spirit of love and sisterhood! To make sure that there are no misunderstandings between us, I went ahead and put time on the calendar for us to chat.
<Be concise with your correction: Situation, Behavior, Impact>
I’m looking forward to continuing our dialogue on <date>. Thank you for being so open to my candor!
Please know this is given in the spirit of love and friendship…


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