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How to announce you’re leaving a job

How to announce you’re leaving a job

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📢 We ALLLL daydream about that Jerry Maguire moment when we finally get to tell our boss where to go, hop onto the nearest desk, and scream at your colleagues: “WHOSE WITH ME??!!”

But back here in the real world, it’s never a good idea to leave on bad terms (no matter how tempting) because even the bastards are worth respect.

Leave on good terms by thanking your colleagues and wishing them well.

A real-world example:

Names have been changed.

Hello Friends,

Today is my last day at Gas and Electric Company, but I’ll always consider myself a part of the Gas and Electric family. Sorry, folks, you’re stuck with me.

I’ve written and rewritten this letter a dozen times, trying to strip it of cheesy sentimentality and make it more befitting of a workplace. But that isn’t me. I’m sentimental. And how could I not be? After all, I’ve spent more than 6,000 hours working shoulder-to-shoulder with you. If nothing, it’s Stockholm Syndrome. You brought me to California, the land of adventure, sunset bridges, dusty bookstores, and the warm glow of new friends who feel like old friends.

And in three years, I haven’t looked back – not even once! You’ve taught me about avocados, kale, and k-dramas. I’ve learned more about electric and gas safety, rates, and energy efficiency than I thought humanly possible. Every single one of you has taught me something that I will take away with me.

You’ve shared your stories, your sense of humor, and your advice. You’ve laughed at my corny jokes and encouraged me in times when I felt dispirited or inadequate. You probably didn’t even know how your kind words or smile gave me the courage to be the most genuine ‘me’ that I could be. Now my task is to carry that spirit with me to my new role at Friendly Bank as Internal Communications Manager.

But before I go, I just wanted to say “I appreciate you” one last time. I truly do appreciate YOU, not just the wonderful work that you do, but you as an individual who brings his or her own special flavor of awesome sauce to this team.

And because I am Southern, I’ll leave you with a small piece of unsolicited advice: Give each other grace. This line of work is not for the faint of heart, as you know. If someone steps on your toes, says something clumsily or makes a mistake, forgive as much as you can. Grace is undeserved, unmerited, unearned favor. It’s a kindness that will return to you in the long run. That’s my secret. I fail at it often, but when I’ve succeeded, it’s helped me create beautiful and longstanding friendships. We all make mistakes, and a little understanding goes a long way.

See? Sentimental. I can’t help it; that’s just who I am.

I wish you joy today and always,

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A short email to a close team:

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that tomorrow is my last day with Gas and Electric Company. I have a fantastic new opportunity at Friendly Bank as Internal Communications Manager.

I really enjoyed working with you guys (you’re my favorite team at Gas and Electric). Thank you for being so kind and encouraging.

I wish you guys all the best!

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